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Sasima Herbs
was established in 2002
Our products to make only the
highest quality from natural herbal
ingredients from Thailand.
Based on Thai native genius and
Thai resources with balancing
body and mind
Our products has safety and without
a dangerous chemical substance.
We'd like you to touch the natural of product with value of herb
and safety. Suitable for all skin types.
The ultimate relaxation and experiance can be provided in the
comfort of your own home with variety of products
OEM : we can arrange private labels for those who which to
develop their own unique branding to produce your own products
We have variety of products range to serve your inquiry
สปาไทย spa Thailand aromatherapy massage oil aroma oil tiger herbal balm
tiger herbal inhaler ยาดมสมุนไพร otop โอทอป thai medical balm thailand
Beneficial in keeping skin healthy and smooth
whilst at the same time helping with the natural
repairing process, reduction of visible wrinkles
Butterfly Pea
Which promotes hair growth and also
strengthens, sleek, shiny and easy to
manage hair.
is essential in the fight against anti-aging and
has antiseptic properties and an efficient
Beneficial for anti-acne, anti-aging, sun
protection, also a perfect moisturizer.
Contains lycopene which is beneficial for
exceptional antioxidant activity against
singlet-oxygen free radicals.
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